How long is a “Forever”.

“I will be there in about five minutes.” I shouted on top of the human noises, that mingled together with loud patter of the rains to create a mayhem. I held onto my mobile phone for a while, trying hard to pick up any human voice, so as not to miss out on any instruction delivered to me from the other end. As I stood by the maple trunk, I couldn’t help but notice, engraved on it were multiple vows written and rewritten in various ,hands and styles. I giggled as one of them caught my eye, it read…

“love you forever…..”

…forever. How long is that?

Is it till as long as either you or the universe lives?Or is it for a few years? Or maybe till next week? Or maybe till you can feel the certain emotion you speak of? Or is it till someone replaces the person, person not the emotion, in your life.

According to the timeline of the world, the human lifespan is infinitesimally small. In here, where your life is as transient as a water bubble in time, how do you measure forever?

Although these words are meant to convey deepest human emotions and give the impression of how much a person is precious to another , but I can’t help but feel the hollowness of this “forever.”

Maybe it’s the naivety of us, the humans, to consider ourselves high and mighty enough to speak such words so casually. Tomorrow is a very further ahead time in the future, we are not even capable of guaranteeing our next minutes. Rocks weather, scenery loses shape, forests turn barren, islands submerge, nothing, absolutely nothing stays constant on the face of earth. More so, when it comes to humans, things are bound to change. And here, these are emotions, something which like the shape of the fire is highly vulnerable to change from one moment to another. How can we imagine for them to remain constant for “forever.”

Rain seemed to relent a bit, looking at the sky, I made a rush to the parking area. Living life, these eighteen years, nine months and twenty four days, I have come to know that human emotions are prone to change. That, and nothing else is the truth.

Looking at people for some time now I see the change. I have seen smile turning to surprise, hope crumbling under reality to become despair, courage converting desire to achievement. All these emotions change into something else altogether, over time and under circumstances.

I looked around the crowd of people searchingly. Who knows when this forever may end and these loving emotions take up a new shade.

My heart skipped a beat as I spotted a familiar face in the crowd, deep down I was scared of this “forever”.

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