5 PR mistakes you do not want to make as an entrepreneur

Doing your business well is just not enough to help you get noticed in this incredibly competitive world. ‘Public relations’ has become an indispensable factor in this regard. Entrepreneurs are well aware of this fact and either hire reputed PR agencies for the task or get the work done in-house to get themselves noticed. So if you have your own business, there is a possibility that you might be making the mistakes my friend, who is doing one of the best public relations internships, told me about. Read on to know more:

1. Treating media reporters as your employees

The reporters and editors who cover your business news and events are not your employees. And considering the fact that the publicity is absolutely neutral and unpaid for, they are not accountable to you and hence you cannot demand anything of them. Let the PR professionals who have done public relations courses do their work and you will get results. Also do not endeavour to control the message by suggesting the questions you want the reporters to ask you during the interview.

2. Delegating interviews to your juniors

Asking your spokesperson to comment on some matter is one thing, and sending one of your juniors for an interview is another. The young and budding entrepreneurs are eager to hear the success stories from those who made it big in their life. For instance, in the last decade, India witnessed the emergence and success of many startups headed by young CEOs. Now if you are one of the CEOs and send someone else in your stead for an interview you promised to go for, would it be fair?

3. Not differentiating between PR and advertising

If a magazine has agreed to submit an article written by you, do not consider it as an opportunity for free advertising. If you want to advertise, use your finances to buy ad space. Instead, be as genuine as you possibly can and state facts plainly.

4. Avoiding media training

Some of the best PR agencies offer you media training so that when you speak in public, you do not end up making a blunder out of it. The fact that you do your business well doesn’t also imply that you are naturally good before the media. Do not turn down the media training your PR agency is offering you because it ultimately would make you look good.

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