Acting Techniques for the Aspirants

Not everyone dreams to become a doctor, engineer, teacher, or scientist. Many of us want to follow our passion and go for what our heart says, and that’s how actors are born. Bollywood industry is not less than a multination corporation, making people’s dream come true. Acting is not that easy, as it seems to be. It has many perspectives to it. There are different techniques to it, which needs to be followed to achieve what we see in the movies. Here are few techniques, which are considered as the key factors of a good acting.

· Classic Acting: It is a term used for the philosophy of acting which includes voice, body, imagination, improvising, script analysis and personalizing. It is based on the theories and systems based on legendary actors and directors.

· Method Acting: It is a kind of technique in which an actor is required to understand the character in order to portray/relate to it. The idea is developed to create a better understanding on the grounds of emotional and cognitive needs of the character.

· Meisner Technique: This technique focuses on the fact that, an actor should just focus on the other character and their presence is just momentarily. This is done to make the scene more real for the audience.

· Stanislavski’s Method: This technique is used to give more practical and genuine acting to audience by relating their real life experiences with them. This method has proved to be the effective most because actors portray real feelings.

These are few methods which can help your acting career grow and help you with giving out your best. Although acting is not just about techniques, it is more than that! It is like any other job, which requires dedication and commitment. If you see veteran actors and take examples of their work, you’ll notice the trueness in their work. They have performed to extents to bring reality to the cinema.

If you understand the difference between real and fiction, then you’re made for cinema. These days, there are special courses offered by many institutes on acting, in fact you can find a school of acting anywhere in India. Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) is among the biggest acting institutes for aspirants. There are courses with detailed study of the methods you read. So go on, pursue the dream to become a superstar.

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