How to choose the best animation course?

Animation is one of the best ways to turn your imagination real. By designing models and characters, you can give emotions to your drawings. It is, perhaps, the best way to tell a story that has just been brewing in your head.

Generally, animation career is chosen by people with creative minds. However, unbounded creativity doesn’t lead anywhere, so you need a good institute as well as a mentor to tap your imagination and turn it into something entertaining.

Here are a few tips to choose the best college for animation:

Evaluate yourself

The first step before entering any college is to evaluate your strength and weaknesses. Each college has a unique module which focuses on different aspects of the course. Research well and choose the trade you’re most comfortable with. You can take some tests to check your creativity aptitude to know how prepared you are for the course and apply to colleges accordingly.

Ask around about the college

College websites are a good source to learn about the institute, but you can’t rely entirely on that. Read reviews on several platforms and rely on unbiased sources. Thanks to social media you can also find your alumni and learn more about the college from them. They can provide an intricate knowledge about the curriculum, examination strategy, placements among other important tips.

Get in touch with the faculty

You can find contact details of the faculty in your desired college and get in touch with them. As experienced individuals, they are the best guides in the beginning of your career. Teachers with industry experience will add a very important edge to your education and will train you well enough for industrial exposure.

Look for different features

Graduating from AAFT school of Animation, one of the top animation institutes in Delhi , not just sharpens the creative part of your brain but with an extensive curriculum prepares you well enough for the industry too. While searching for colleges, you should go for such institutes which provide the complete animation training.

Check the placement record

Placement is the most important factor that drives you to any college. The main motive of doing good animation courses in India is to get a perfect job, while you’re still in college. Campus placement gives a fantastic kick-start to your career.

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