Planning to do a course in mass communication?

Media is an important pillar of the society and requires young and talented people who can carry out their responsibilities efficiently. Main work of these people is to convey information of what’s happening in different parts of the society in the best possible manner. For this, they should have good knowledge of mass communication and must take proper training before entering the profession. Mass communication is one of the highest paying careers these days and offers a range of exciting job opportunities for young and passionate people. With the recent advancements made in the field of communication technology, the career options have increased further. There is a huge demand of technically qualified people who can work for production houses, TV channels, documentaries etc.
 One important thing to know about this industry is that there is a lot of competition. To survive and increase your chances of success in the long run it is better that one comes fully prepared. Unlike medicine and engineering fields, where one has to start preparing right after class tenth, in mass communication one can start his/her preparation after completing 10+2. More important is to do a self-evaluation and see whether you have the personality traits and skills required to be successful in this industry. Excellent communication skills are very important to survive in this industry and for those who have it chances are bright that they will make it to the top. 
 Once you have done a self-evaluation of the personality traits and skills that are required to achieve success in this competitive field, next thing you should do is to pursue a degree or diploma course from a good college or university. Having formal education will give you a good start and help you get a decent job in a reputed company. In fact, seeing the growing competition in the recent years, it has become mandatory to take formal education in mass communication. One can choose from a degree or diploma program right after completing 10+2. 
 There are a number of journalism colleges in India from you can pursue your education for mass communication. It is advised that you choose one of the top ten colleges, as it will prepare you well for the industry and will put you at edge from other competitors. Going for a degree program right after completing 10+2 is the best way to kick-start your career.
 But, apart from degree courses, diploma programs are also very helpful in learning various aspects of mass communication. Post graduate diploma in mass communication is one of the most popular course choices for mass media aspirants. Besides this, Diploma in Mass Media, Broadcast Journalism, Advertising and Marketing Communications, Radio Journalism, Diploma in Press Management, T.V Journalism is also available at the top colleges of Delhi. All one has to do is see his/her area of interest and join a course accordingly. Eligibility requirements for these courses vary from college to college, but generally depend on two factors. For an undergraduate course one must have completed hi 12th from a recognised board. For a post graduate program minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. 
 Remunerations are great in this industry and fresher candidates can expect attractive packages from top companies. After completing the degree or diploma program, one can work as a news reporter, content developer, programme researchers, news anchor, media marketing associate in any leading media company. They can also go in editing, journalism, publishing and public relations. One important thing to know is that job opportunities are not just restricted within the company. After gaining two-three years of experience one can also seek employment opportunities abroad.

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