Take the next step and choose a career in Multimedia and Animation

In the digital age, visual storytelling and communication are accomplished through the use of computer to create animated characters, interesting graphics and realistic special effects. Graduates of degree programs in animation, video graphics, multimedia and special effects often go on to create digital worlds and interactive media as animators, graphic designers or art directors.

Multimedia arts &animation has a discipline in the creation of images and content using the latest design techniques and technology. Multimedia art includes animation, audio, interactivity, still images, texts, videos. Multimedia artists may combine traditional forms of art such as painting or sculpture with any of the mediums mentioned above. Although the discipline if flourishing, it is still fairly new and growing with the increase in technologies. Fortunately, if you’re interested in a career in multimedia arts, many colleges and most art design schools offer it as a major course. Multimedia courses in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore based universities offer work in the entertainment industry, advertising, graphic, design, web design, publishing, at museum, and in education.

After multimedia, animation is among the most demanded courses in today’s world, firstly animation is not related to cartooning it is creating a visual effect with latest technologies and is more of creating effects and visual treat. Television, film, and advertising industry all have an insatiable demand for animation and this would create a huge employment. Animation as a profession is a good decision and by doing courses from top 10 animation colleges in India under guidance of highly qualified faculty with best technical support. The profession is very lucrative where your passion and zeal matters, how to create illusion and visual treat for others.

After a course in multimedia and animation some sample job titles include animator, motion graphics artist, art director, advertising account manager, multimedia design engineer, flash designer, multimedia production artist, multimedia developer, illustrator, 3-D Artist, web artist, multimedia coordinator, technical artist, multimedia developer, and game artist, if you excel, these job can offer you a great starting package and help you grow & learn more with time.

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