Travel and tourism: The rising force in career opportunities

Travel and tourism build up the soul of India. Being the seventh largest country in the world, there is a wide cultural and geographic diversity all along. There are large mountains in the north to peninsular India in the south surrounded by some of the largest oceans in the world. The cultural diversity varies with each state and zone while you travel from north to south or east to west. This has attracted travellers from all over the world since centuries and that is one of the reasons the country remains a mystic world for people till date.

The travel and tourism in India has flourished in India in last few decades as a result of the efforts and policies from various state departments and governments The colleges and universities have started offering tourism courses in India which is raising a generation of hospitality graduates adding to the value of industry. These graduates are trained in various departments of tourism such as handling travelling, hotel management and tour management. This has become a major career choice and thousands of students are pursuing the courses every year as there is a huge scope for them.

The major universities in India offer hotel management courses as well. They are part of hospitality Industry but they are slightly different from tourism courses as they do not have to deal with many different aspects of it. The travel and tour management remain out of the syllabus and curriculum of hotel management college. Hotels are a big business in India and a large number of major companies like TATA and Reliance are involved in It. this makes the industry full of potential in terms of wealth and career opportunities. Students have understood the demand of time and have taken on these courses in large numbers making the country one of the places to visit across the world.

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