Why to pursue animation after 12th?

School is fun for most but the real trouble strikes when it gets over. Before even the results are out the race to the career mountain begins and every student is confused about the path. It is hard as a student to know about all the courses due to lack of awareness and resources but there are a few that everybody know and rush to it.

The world has moved away from the stereotypes and there is really no need to be a part of such rat race. Passion rules in this age so try to find what you can truly love to do and explore whether it is the right choice. Animation is one of the most underrated choices for students who are mostly influenced by their parents and teachers. it is definitely an offbeat course for the creative types who tread the road less taken. Especially in India animation courses after 12th is not a really popular Idea.

Here are the reasons why it should be on the consideration list of all students:

· The scope of animation is vast both globally and nationally. Most of the films and news productions use animation with a varied degree to communicate and idea or just extra muscle to the story for better visualisation. But all in all this translates into only one thing, that is, more jobs for animators with amazingly rewarding opportunities.

· The money involved in animation is also great for the professionals since it requires specialised knowledge of computer in combination with creativity which allows the professionals to charges more. Besides most production houses outsource their animation requirements from India, hence the conversion of foreign currency makes a hefty fee given that production in abroad has a good enough budget set aside for animation.

· The chance to unleash creativity and to tell stories in a really interesting manner is what makes animation so desirable. Not all students are good with numbers or have a business sense, some are just good at doodling but it’s not just scribbling at back of a dairy rather it is a creative copy for a new movie idea or maybe a short film. And with a good animation mentor, this skill can be leveraged into a full-fledged career.