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The dramatic space often resembles the world of pretend play that children indulge in when left to themselves. However, the structures created around a facilitated “class”, especially on an online platform can make ‘pretending’ a little more challenging. Entering a space of imagination is only possible when all the players consent to it. What role could we as facilitators play in the virtual space that encourages children to play along?

We (Devika and Akhila) launched into a month-long Process Drama with 6 bubbly 5-year-olds to explore this question. …

Reflections on a non-exhaustive list of apologies while facilitating online spaces

In our last Facilitator’s Collective meeting Subu raised an important question — how can we as facilitators BE ourselves and find ways to remain open to changes in a workshop?

This question led me to another one — what does it even mean to ‘be myself’ as a facilitator? That too right now when workshop walls have collapsed into workshop screens? My personal space — a room where I used to relax after long hours of standing and engaging with participants — is now suddenly transformed into that very same interactive space. When online sessions are over, it takes me a few seconds to readjust to my room that was only a few seconds ago filled with the voices of so many people and so many homes. Suddenly with a click of a button, that chatter and energy is dissipated into thin air (or as I like to imagine — into the wires of my laptop charger).The …

Paolo Freire, the Brazilian educator and author, in hisPedagogy of the Oppressed” saysPeople develop their power to perceive critically the way they exist in the world with which and in which they find themselves. They come to see the world not as a static reality, but as a reality in process, in transformation.”

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I personally find that this idea of a teacher or a facilitator not presenting something finished but instead inviting people to join this always on-going and evolving process, is one of the reasons I feel constantly challenged and motivated in this field. Regardless of the amount of knowledge one has, academic as well as experiential, one is always working towards something, and that any session or workshop I am facilitating or am a part of should ideally embody this attitude of being dynamic, even after we’ve achieved our set goals.

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