Many a times, people who are talked about in a good way in the society for their deeds, knowledge and other good things, tend to undergo depression, without realising it! They unknowingly become slaves of the image they project to the world! Most of us are slaves of the image, we project to the world!

It’s high time, and we gotta get rid of this habit! It’s okay not to be appreciated always! At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what people say about you! No matter good or bad! If you aren’t happy, everything is useless! It’s okay to be a Techie, yet choose painting over your routine work for a few days! It’s okay to be called a social person, yet be alone for a few days, doing nothing! Do things that make you happy! We often hear people saying, 'think outside the box’, I say, 'Just throw the god damn box’! Life is like a writing a book! Make it interesting! Happiness is the ultimate aim of life! Be a 'Kido' at heart!