Why Government Of India doesn’t Raid Political Parties ?

For those who are questioning “Why Government Of India doesn’t raid Mayawati, Mulayam, Congress, BJP, AAP, TMC etc. when everyone knows they have tons of cash.

As per government of India 500 and 1000 Rs. in India is 87% , Let’s take as 14 Lakh Crore and Rest 13% as other Denomination say 2 Lakh Crore, Total 16 L Crore. Against this 16 L Crore (Just an Assumption to Explain) circulating in India RBI has 16L Crore of gold with them as all know. Government of India said 500 and 1000 Rs. are worthless hence 14L Crore = 0 Total Left = 2L Cr. but gold with RBI = 16L Crore So RBI issued new notes worth 14 L Crore and told people to exchange.

Total with Government of India/RBI = 14 L Crore.

Total in market = 2 L Crore.

Now people will exchange their old with new, whites only. Now let’s say out of 14L Cr, 8L Cr is black and not exchanged, thus Only 6L Cr (white) is exchanged leaving government of India with 8L Cr in balance so black cash in India is automatically transferred to government of India without even raiding as the cash is not exchanged which was part of economy. The notes with those black traders are just papers and no use, so in one shot all black in India into government of India Treasury as no new amount issued only part, we want knew who had how much and they won’t be punished, but their amount already went to government of India on 9 Nov, 12 AM itself. That Money into government of India treasury for the use of the country.

Have to wait till 30 december to know exact figures.

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