Interested in Digital Marketing? Things you need to know to get started!!

Do you think that current education system is a waste of time and money?You invested your hard earned money and the precious 4 years “just” to realise that you got nothing apart from abilities to mug up a full book in a single night and clear the examination and ‘present’ yourself a monotonous 9–5 job in which you are churning yourself just for the sake of employment?

Are you lost out there about the career options to choose? Are you unable to decide what to do in your life and just wandering with the flow?
If yes, then here’s something that can lead you to the right path!!

And, the scenario is that people are lost in some endless rat race of earning money. The race that even people don't know that why they are running into. Asking for the reason, the most expected answer is that “As everyone else is running, so should I”.

As a result of this rat race, people have lost their individuality, perspective as well as independent thinking.


So, What to do?? You can’t change the society but surely you can change “your” thinking. First and the most important aspect is to find What are you good at ? i.e. find your strengths (read Strengths Finder 2.0” by Tom Rath). Work on your strengths and stop following the society. And It all starts from a desire.

After figuring out “What am I good at?” , I was curious about the different career fields that match my interest after some google searches and references, I found “The Digital Marketing. Want to know why? Here are some reasons:

  1. It matches my skills as I love writing, sharing my views and analysing the data.
  2. More opportunity as ‘More demand and less supply’ of skilled resources.Digital marketing is going to be 100 billion industry by 2020. Visit this link for stats and recent trends in marketing
  3. The demand will keep on increasing because in future, everything is going to be digital and the traditional way of marketing is obsolete.
  4. Learning how to market yourself, your products and services are the basic skills that everyone must know. Whether you are going for a job or in business.
  5. Get more done in a fraction of cost as compared to traditional marketing campaign.
  6. Better insights and real time stats on how your campaigns are doing?, where you are lacking and how to improve it? Fully automated tools are available to get it done.
  7. The huge audience reach and the way you can target your audience in a specific niche.
  8. Will surely help in freelancing and start up of any business.
  9. Easy to learn, no rocket science, just a learning attitude, that’s it!

After knowing “What to do and Why to do”, next step is How to do? Initially I started by searching on google but soon I found that I was just lost in the ocean of unorganised information and realised that I needed an organised structure and an environment where I can interact as well as learn by doing things practically…. that's how we learn and that’s what employers are looking for.

And then Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program comes to rescue.

  1. Give you hands-on experience with 9 projects which later can be added to your resume.
  2. Quality content and well organised information developed by the market leaders in the field of digital marketing like Facebook, Google, Hootsuite, Hubspot, Moz and Mailchimp.
  3. Video for 2–10mins duration that provides to-the-point explanation with quiz as well as real world examples.
  4. Industry recognised certification. They will train you on how to prepare for interview, making you job ready and they also have collaboration with hiring partners like Paytm, Instamojo, Zomato and Tapzo.
  5. Opportunity for networking with an environment where you can interact with others student and people working in the same field.
  6. One on one mentoring-real people review your project very minutely and guide you on ways to improve and appreciate the things you did well.
  7. Self paced learning — anywhere anytime.

So, in my verdict, is it's really value for time and money and is better than other online courses available out there.

Here is the link to Udacity's DMND for more information: