Twitter Coming to an End?

In recent news, Twitter has been second guessing whether it can survive as an independent company, and testing out the waters of several strategic options to draw new people to the site. There has been talked over a possible takeover of the company, but many of the representative from Twitter and Google has declined to comment on rumors and speculation. Twitter’s new possibility of a new ownership is caused by not being able to attract new users. The new-user growth has been slowing down ever since Facebook has been offering new features including Instagram, Messenger and etc.

Now Twitter has been receiving interest from a number of technology companies, including Although Salesforce is an enterprise technology company and mainly focuses on business, they gained interest in owning a social network. The company believes by owning a social network could strengthen their main business, and many companies use Twitter to help with their business. The talk of a new ownership has not been confirmed, but comparing Twitter to other social media sites it is more susceptible to a takeover.

By having so many different social media sites it is hard for others, specifically older sites, to raise their new-user growth. Even with coming out with new features, like how Twitter released a free app so that live events could be streamed to a larger audience, it could be difficult to reach a larger number. Many new social media sites, like Snapchat or Instagram, has been outrunning Twitter in user growth and in profitability. Snapchat and Instagram both coming out with new features is difficult for Twitter to stay on top with them. Twitter has only one class of stock, while other companies, including Facebook, have multiple classes of shares, which gives Twitter a possibility of a new owner.

With a possible new ownership, Twitter could end up changing their purpose and style due to who ends up paying for it. Salesforce would use Twitter as a way to focus on customer service like complaints, while Google would be interested in the social and news part of Twitter. Depending on who ends up being the new owner of Twitter, it could change in different ways. When it comes to a social media site changing its looks or purpose could either help them or hurt them. Using MySpace as an example, it was very popular in the early 2000's, and even with changing the sites look and style, it will not be popular now like how it used to be. At the same time, adding new features could make your social networking become the hottest thing. Snapchat released filters around 2013, and it made the app become even more popular. If Twitter ends up having a new ownership and decides to change their purpose of the site, hopefully it would improve their growth instead of making no difference.

So maybe Twitter is not coming to an end, but with a possibility of a takeover no one would know what will happen to Twitter in the future. As being a Twitter user since 2013, I hope it does not change its purpose because it is fun to just tweet random stuff on there without anyone really caring. The takeover is not completely verified that it will happen, but with many companies talking there will be a chance that Twitter might never be the same again.

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