The Way I Look at It

This isn’t some great piece of literature. Read this as a quick look into my mind, a diary entry if you must.

For the longest time, I have been just like anyone else out there. Competitive, ambitious, fast-paced, always talking, moving, doing. All those things that you are required to be if you want to stand a chance to thrive in this big, bad world. I don’t know for sure what changed this. Maybe I’d had enough, maybe I knew all along this was coming or maybe, it was just about time.

At first, we make our lives so complicated in pursuit of The Good Life. And then, in trying to rid ourselves of those complications, we forget the one thing we are supposed to do — live. When was the last time you marveled over the green of the trees or the sight of the moon? When was the last time you took some time out to pet a street dog or to observe a cat as it rubbed its lithe body against a pole? Or stood still long enough that it mistook you for a pole?

Pure joy is in the little things. It always has been. And it’s these things that we have completely cast out from our lives. In our race to make more money and to buy newer things and best each other’s social updates, we seem to have forgotten what our lives are really supposed to be about. Don’t get me wrong, not for a moment am I claiming to have found the ‘Meaning of Life’, far from it. I’m more full of questions now than I was when I just existed from one day to another doing what I knew wasn’t my purpose. But I like this better. I may not know how everyone must lead their lives, I don’t need to. But I know how I want to lead mine. And just that knowledge makes me immensely happy.

A little compassion, heartfelt forgiveness, a helpful second nature and all the love you can muster. Add these little by little to your life daily and you will notice the deep seated contentment and happiness you feel in return.

Help out someone in need, lend someone a listening ear, set aside your prejudices. Don’t judge, generalize or compare. You aren’t the person you are talking about, so you don’t know better. Instead, open your mind. To new things, beliefs, attitudes and ideas. Learn something every day, even if it is that today could have gone better. Love with all you have, because in the very end, that is all you are left with.

This universe is too grand and spectacular to be an accident; respect it and the nature around you. And never forget that you are a part of it, not above it.

Even today, if I’m not looking, I still slip into the earlier way of life. But then, I catch myself. It’s never too late to change.

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