5 beach-y things to do in Goa on your next visit

Goa is one of the world’s foremost beach towns. Here’s what you can do on your next visit.

Deep blue waters, clean sands, sunlight beating down on your skin…every beach in Goa is a pure delight for the traveller. You could be a surfer, fitness enthusiast, businessman out for a quiet holiday, or a lone backpacker just passing through…and you would find something to lure you to the beaches and keep you there all day.

Though there is so much to see and do in Goa, you would do well to stick to the beaches on your holiday. Goa has over 400 of them! So on your next holiday, instead of running around looking up places to visit in Goa, you could just spend most of your trip by the beach:

Book yourself into a beach resort. The best thing to do is get accommodation in a Goa beach resort that has spacious rooms, lush lawns for miles and quick access to the beach. That way, you have the best of both worlds — the most luxurious digs, and the chance to hop across to the beach for a quick swim when you want. We recommend the beauteous The Leela Goa for the best ever Goan beach resort experience — it is the country’s only beach and riverside luxury resort!

2 Soak in the sun. Slather some sunscreen lotion on your skin, slip on your bathing suit, get a deck chair, wear sunglasses and just nap. You will wake up with bronzed skin that will make you proud of yourself. You can sunbathe even while sipping on a drink or getting a beachside massage here. Go ahead, drink it in.

3 Experience ‘sushegad’. This is the Goan term for ‘take it easy’ or ‘afternoon siesta’, whichever you prefer. It is derived from the Portuguese term ‘sossegado’, which means ‘a relaxed state of existence’. Sushegad is exemplified by the sound of the waves and the wind on the beach. Have a hearty lunch of seafood, pork curry and many rounds of drinks. Then loosen the waistband of your pants, wear a sun hat, and just walk on the beach alone. Your tired soul will be revived in no time.

4 Play water sports. Goa is replete with fun activities to do on the beach, and most people start by hiring dirt bikes to zip around the beaches and adjoining towns. There are so many things to do — waterboarding, knee boarding, wakeboarding, wind surfing, scuba diving, white water rafting, parasailing and even jet skiing — that you would need a separate holiday just to do them all. Hire good equipment and get started!

5 Go fishing and crab catching. You can actually book tickets to go fishing and crab catching with experienced locals. For the price of a ticket, you are given bait, fishing net, seat on a boat, snacks and drinks, and you can be guided on catching the fish and crabs. You may even take the catch away to be seasoned and cooked by a local villager. Fun times!