Best Puzzle Games for kids in Pakistan

Puzzles are fun

We all love playing games. Puzzles are a creative and educational form of entertainment that make for an interesting hobby for kids. They can be played solo or with friends and family for added fun. Solving a puzzle is a satisfying experience and it can be an addictive for of fun that also increases our knowledge. Puzzles are known for their power to help the brain produce the neurotransmitter dopamine which results in better concentration, improved memory and a better mood.

Puzzles Games for kids

There are various types of Puzzles for kids that can help them develop their mental abilities. Some of the most popular puzzles for kids in Pakistan are given below.


This is the classic minesweeper that has been around since ages. It is great fun and requires deep thinking as one wrong move could mean the end. It is a game of precision clicking. There is no strategy for success in the beginning but as you progress ahead the way forward becomes logical and requires deep thinking.

Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles require assembling oddly shaped interlocking pieces. Every piece usually has a small part of a picture on it and when completed provides the complete picture. They work a kid’s brain abilities and both logic and imagination is required to complete them. Jigsaw puzzles also increase a child’s focus, patience, planning and memory.

Cross words

This is a popular puzzle game in which you have to figure out words in a bunch of jumbled up letters. It requires good vocabulary and increases a kid’s ability to find words and increases fluency.


Soduko is a very popular puzzle game that really requires serious brain works and is extremely gratifying once completed. It has been scientifically proven that this game improves memory by stimulating the brain and even reduces the chances of developing Alzheimers by keeping the brain active.

Rubik’s cube

The classic Rubik’s cube is an age old puzzle that is fun and gratifying if managed to solve. It helps a kid’s brain to become sharper and develop better hand eye coordination. It also improves concentration. This is just a cube with various colors but it can keep kids occupied for hours and is often found in households as it is one of the most popular puzzles for kids in Pakistan.


Children love playing games and it would be wise of parents to divert their kid’s attention to games that also enhance learning and develop the brain. Benefits of playing puzzles are many. From improved hand eye coordination to fine motor skills development to increased cognitive skills, puzzles are some of the best games that kids can be encouraged to play. They also help increase a child’s self-esteem.