Parent-ChildChains Metaphor

The Parent-ChildChains is a new blockchain architecture developped by Jelurida team in their new brand fresh Blockchain-as-a-Service plateform Ardor.
For the technical experts reading this article, it’s cristal clear and easy to understand. But for non technical people, it’s not so obvious to understand and to realize its potential and implications. Thus I came out with a small metaphor to help you get the mean idea behind this wired name.

Current Situation of Blockchains

Imagine that in your city, there is a store like Walmart (or Carrefour in France) where people with all kinds of needs go for shopping like buying vegetables, buying a video game or buying a service like reparing their shoes.

But this store has the particularity of having only a single cashier. All individuals coming to that store should queue in order to pay for what they bought. 
In general, everything goes well, but as soon as your city gets bigger and more individuals come to the store, the situation gets worse and people gets annoyed by queuing.

This metaphor represents the classical blockchains design currently used in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcah, Ripple and many others.

Future of Blockchains

To solve this issue, someone came with a brilliant idea => a Mall

Instead of having one single store, the solution is to build a Mall. Indeed, all the different services or parts of the previous store are split into multiple small stores inside the Mall and serve only some specific services, while having their own cashiers. Thus people can still get all the services they need from one single geographic location, but from different service providers.

Tha Mall provides also services, but to stores not to indivuduals immediatly. Indeed, it provides :
 — Security of all small stores inside it
 — Ressources like water, electricity or phone lines
 — Cleaning service
 — Maintenance & upgrades if necessary

This metaphor represents the Parent-ChildChains architecture provided by Ardor.

In the same way, the Malls have revolutionizedthe shopping experience of people around the world, the Parent-ChildChains have the potentiel to revolutionize the Blockchain space and reshape it in a better way.