Boiling down to the Design, Information architecture, User flow, Wireframes and Design.

Ameen A Jaleel
3 min readApr 10, 2022

Information architecture

IA, it becomes significantly easier to make key decisions for new features and implementations, to underhand timelines for the product change, and to follow user behaviour through multiple processes.

User flow

User flows are an excellent mechanism for segmenting and portraying your user experience. This enables us to track the user screens and what is typically seen while interacting with a product.

Low fidelity paper sketches

Paper sketches as an essential part of the whole design process. It assists us to communicate the message to various stakeholders in an essential way, as well as conveying the information architecture and user flow of an app simply.

Wireframes and UI Interactions

A reliable foundation of UX conclusions and the visual aspect of the app designed, including brand style, UI elements, mood boards, a design system, pixel-perfect mockups and prototype.

Style Guide

Our style guide library has an enormous set of standards for typography, components, and design guidelines. The whole design has evolved around it to maintain consistency to translate the purpose of the product to the end-users.




Working on a personal concept project with a lot of impediments was quite challenging. It has limited resources and constraints to intensive research. However, we manage to do the right piece of research to make the product would impact the user to focus on their goals and daily lives.


Impediments shaped me to perform a task under the limited resources and fixed amount of time. I have overcome it through practising “Deep Work (Introduced by Cal Newport)” by pushing myself excessively to reach the deadlines. I concluded the project in a specified amount of time. Iterations — Feedback — Iterations are the method used by me to reach a better result for the project. users feedback made the app concept impactful and taken to the next level.

What’s next?

Gathering more feedback, analysing use cases, and brainstorming the ideas. Practice more on the “Iterations — Feedback — Iterations” method to shape the product until it takes the next level…