Reserch : DayZERO, Automate task and event by Using ML and AI

Ameen A Jaleel
Apr 10, 2022


User research

Discovering and comprehending the context of concerns faced by the task manager app users will provide insight into what potential outcomes for the design.

Empathy map and persona.

Spending quality time to learn and analyse the user research gives us a clear picture of the user attitude and behaviours of the user. It can be explained by the help of an empathy map and persona. An empathy map would use as a visualization tool used to convey what a product team understands about the user, and persona may help to imply the need of the real user.

Competitor analysis

Research and studying the existing products in the market help us to get a clear picture of what users expect and how we should shape our product to meet the expectation and improve the experience.