Are you a designer, or just a facilitator?

Thanks for the interesting read. I’m fortunate to consult for big FMCG company who are prioritising investing money in training all associates in design thinking and front-end innovationto ‘essential’ level so that they are able to contribute effectively to workshops/activities throughout the front-end process.

I believe that people with a design background bring expertise which other facilitators aren’t able to, and therefore, bring added value to the facilitation role by helping those people less familiar with design thinking through the process.

I agree that it can be difficult to organise many stakeholders through out the process, however, in my experience there are stages where the value of having a cross-functional project team throughout the journey leads to more successful innovation, by understanding constraints and enablers from all perspectives early on. Framing workshops to define the problem to be solved, consumer immersions so the project team has a shared understanding, and following these activities I believe a smaller team can then focus on analyzing the insights gathered to uncover solutions that answer the the framed problem.