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Docker has become one of the industry standards for containerization. I recently started working with Docker when I started to work with Big Data. Installing and configuring software like Hadoop and Spark on a Windows machine is painful. Docker makes this task very simple and makes it very easy to get the environment setup.

Generally, setting up Docker straightforward when you have an OS like Ubuntu, MacOS or Windows 10 Pro. But it is a little tricky with Windows 10 Home. In this small guide, I will show the steps I used to set up my Docker environment.

For Windows 10 Home, the default Docker setup file does not work. You need to download the Docker Toolbox. Once Docker Toolbox is downloaded, just run the setup file and install with all the default settings. …

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Let’s face it. The default wallpapers on the Mac gets boring after a few weeks. And setting new wallpaper manually is tiresome. Well, what if I told you that I got my Mac greet me with a brand new, high resolution wallpaper every time I flip it open?

If you’re a Chromecast user, you may be familiar with Chromecast Backdrop. Backdrop allows the Chromecast to display a slideshow of beautiful photos when it’s idle.

While most users default to Facebook to post photos, a lot of photographers use Google+ to publish their work. …

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