Beginner’s Guide to Hybrid Marketing

Modern marketers are no longer constrained to the boundaries of vanilla marketing. You have got to understand the true essence and realize the potential of growth that your marketing skills can attract to the business.

Specializing in one particular genre will surely take you ahead, but marketing today, demands something more than that. You need to be the next generation marketing professional that businesses are seeking- a pro at developing content, understanding technology and winning social media on the go.

Even though hybrid marketing is no rocket science, it does demand a few skills to be added to your kitty! You may begin with the ones listed below:

Excel in Content: A good marketer knows and understands his content. Become a ‘Word Guru’ and learn the art of attracting your audiences. If you give them what they want to know, you will have your job done. However, applying marketing tactics to content needs a strategic approach.

Fun Fact: Content marketing is proven to achieve more cost effective leads than paid search leads by 31%.

Dabble in Social Media & SEO: The most highly ignored yet probably one of the most important aspects of modern marketing. While advertising and targeted content on social media completely walks away as the winner, SEO is what backs up your content strategy. So do everything you can to conquer these two.

Fun Fact: 80% of US social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook Source

Experiment with Technology: There are various technology solutions available out there today. The modern marketer should be able to understand the tools and their relevance towards business growth. The idea is to leverage technology when it comes to executing strategy.

Fun Fact: 63% of B2B marketers allocate 10–29% of their marketing budget to marketing automation. Source

Don’t Give Up on Emails: The strategy of sending mails may have evolved but the foundation remains the same. Emailing is the best way to contact new audiences as well as to stay in touch with them. Over here, again, content and technology would play a huge role in ensuring the relevance of your email campaigns.

Fun Fact: Email is the top source of analytics data for marketers. Source

Decode the Analytics: Metrics are attached to almost every layer of marketing today. Sure, technology is a huge part of it, but it requires skills and the flair to understand these numbers and act upon it. The hybrid marketer makes better informed decisions, as he is now equipped with actionable data.

Fun Fact: 54% of marketers say marketing analytics is absolutely critical or very important to creating a cohesive customer journey. Source

As the digital platforms are pushing professionals to converge their roles, it is at the same time changing the face of marketing all together. Hence, it is important that we keep moving along with the pace of change.