Zindagi live TV to an Indian Women ….

Last six months with no job to do, I have the luxury to explore TV soaps at home. A new channel has come right across the border- Zindagi Live. Programmes like Kitni Girhan baki hain, Agle Janam Mohe bitiya naa keejo are such a welcome break from nonsensical drama Shobha kapoor has been serving us for more than a decade.I must admit I love their light classy make up. Those Pakistani long suits are such a hit these days. The program more than an entertainment has given me a sneak into the life of ladies across border. Not all are under burkas. Infact these women show outstanding courage, individuality and audacity. Women of Pakistan… you are as fabulous as we are. They look beautiful with mild or no make up. I wish Indian Soaps and also soaps ( the one you want to rinse and get a lighter skin) could understand that beauty is about character. It is your charm and not painted face with inch thick layer of chalk powder. Either ways this channel rocks. Thank you for giving us a treat !!!

Once while swapping channels, I came across a scene where mother-in-law congratulates his son. She says your wife is expecting. The son reacts wow — X ? Mother in law replies no Y. I don’t remember names, but these X and Y were wives of the same guy. The plot thickens with mother of Y consoling her daughter. She says that it is fine for the other wife to get more attention as she is expecting. The woman is broken with jealousy, finding hard to accept her fate.

I find it such a complicated setup. For a moment, I was lost. I have known about this practice but to visualize it in a house is such a tough task. Unlike the Indian drama wherein to complicate scenes we bring aunts and uncles in a house and have villa size living set up. Zindagi live has programs like Badi Appa, which can generate similar set up with only one male character in the house.

I am not here to judge a religion. Nor do I intend to hurt any sentiments, but if I place myself in her sitution, I find it such a pain. How hard it must be to sleep while you know your husband is making out with another woman in an adjacent room. Irrespective of my caste and irrespective of my nationality, I sympathize. I feel pain of such women. I surfed some articles on the Internet where women willingly accept this tradition. They counted pros of such an arrangement. Few said that it’s like sharing a father. Father loves all his children equally? Do they? Are we so just. Is it really possible to be precisely just in loving many wives. And the wife’s are like sisters. Can women be sisters in an arrangement like this? May be may be not. But in no state it takes away that such an arrangement is painful and tough.

We compete with our class, within our offices, we compete to be the best mothers, but there is one competition I haven’t been a part of. To be a better lover. I wish I never see a day like that… that’s obviously my personal choice.

But to the channel owners, you have done a wonderful job. I hope Shobha Aunty picks up a lesson or two from you people. Thanks.

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