If you’ve ever sharpened the other end of a pencil just to have another sharp lead when one becomes blunt or dipped your nail polish-laden fingernails in cold water just to dry them off faster (it’s a great trick, try it sometime) then you’re a designer.
What no one tells you about design
Akshayta Rao

Depends on if they learned and copied this trick or actually discovered this by first identifying the problem and experimenting with the solution.

Even if someone was able to find a good hack, I don’t think it makes them a designer. I believe design has a huge component of ‘intention’, the whole argument ‘everyone is a designer’ undermines the whole craft and those who spend their lives perfecting it.

But I do agree, it’s a craft that can be learnt and be taught.

Nice work btw, really like the humor and your writing style. :)

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