Importance Of A Good Bed At Different Stages Of Life!

Fabric King Size Bed

No matter what stage of life we are in, from an infant till the old-age all we search for in our bed is ease and comfort. Sleep is the important aspect of our life no matter how young or old we are. And to get the beautiful sleep that we desire for, the bed should be selected very carefully. 
 The amount of comfort and sleep a person require at every stage of his life is different. Everyday that passes away we grow a day older then we were yesterday. A person never stops growing from the day he comes into this world till the day he dies. And to Ensure a proper growth and development of our body as well as our brain we require proper rest and that rest can be attained by a sound sleep. So here are steps that you should consider before buying a bed, whether it is a crib or a king size bed!

  1. Cribs : Crib is a bed for the infants, those who are from 0–5 years old. At this age a child needs a proper sleep of 10–14 hours. But if the quality of bed/mattress is not good then a child will not get the required amount of sleep, thus there would be improper development of body and mind. Ensure that the foam in the mattress should not be too soft or too hard, it should just be normal and cozy so that your toddler gets a sound and healthy sleep. Also while buying a crib ensure that the rails of the crib are tall enough that the baby is safe and secure when kept in it.
Kid’s Bed

2.Kid’s Bed : As the child strikes the age of eight or nine he desires for his private space his personal room. At this stage of a child parents should take all the precautions and make sure that he/she doesn’t get hurt or fall down. If you are planning to buy a bunk bed check the height or space between the bed so that the person sleeping on the lower bed doesn’t get hurt while getting up. There should be enough space that a person can easily sit underneath. While for the upper bed you need to check the style and quality of stairs. Also make sure that the confines or it are tall enough so that the kid sleeping on the upper part does not fall down.

3.Single Bed : A single bed is for teenagers or by those sophisticated and single people. At this age they want everything to be creative, bright and lively. You can set a theme of your child’s room that inculcate the child with optimism, energy, joy and hope. You can let the theme be a mix and match of every color to make it attractive and select the bed accordingly. The bed should also be stylish and long lasting because these beds are evergreen irrespective of the person using it.

4.Double Bed : Double bed has various sub categories like Queen Size bed, King size bed, Poster Bed, etc. Which one will be best for you depends on — a) Area of your room- If your room is spacious you can go for king size bed but if the room has space constraint then opt Queen size bed. b) Storage space- If your priority lies on style rather than the storage then you can choose a low floor or a bed without storage but if you don’t have sufficient amount to store your belongings go for the beds that come with storage space. c) Whether you want to give your room a modern or royal touch. If modern then prefer the trendy and classic designs but if you want something royal go for poster beds.

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