Stop reading, thinking and worrying about productivity and perfectionism and all that crap. Just get off your butt and start doing something. Absolutely anything. Trying to draw something. Fucking do it! Don’t try to become a Picasso on your first try. Just make sure there are at least scribbles on the sheet.

Writing something? Just write it! Don’t think about creating a professional sounding thesis. Just make sure there are words on the screen/paper. I mean just look at the state of this article. Isn’t it amatuerish? (hope that’s a word) Been trying to write something or the other for a long time now but I wasted my time reading about time management and productivity maximization and what not and read a bunch of books like GTD, The power of habit etc. I mean I spent nearly 2 weeks deciding on the method and the app I’m going to use for ‘organizing’ my life!!!

Now though, I’ve decided that I’m going to write something everyday, no matter how stupid it reads, no matter how short it is, the platform doesn’t matter either. I’m just gonna make sure I use the time well and the end of the day I don’t have to look back and think… Oh shit, is that all I did today?

So stop reading about how to do stuff and fucking start doing it. You’ll be able to analyze yourself much better if you actually work at it rather than planning it.

Peace Out.