A paper on the ground…

makes things proufound

If you look up deep and read

Sinking and drinking..

What is invincible is not true at all

Whatever happens…happens to somebody

But nobody is connected

It is all randomness…all the love, pain, and friendship…is all dice rolled by a careless player

God is probably BAD AT POKER…he wanted to lose!

When he could no longer save his neck...he turned us in.

God! Take me from me!

When things went HIS way…he messed it up! Remember the snake?

Then he turned to us with existentialism…about to die…dead.

Nietszche bore the brunt of declaration

Camus and Sartre brought balms

Borges and Tolkein made worlds.

This world would be a god’s disaster if the writers hadn’t taken over

I am no man of Faith in no faith

But god messed up…giddy giddy giddy

He messed up good…

Now we are redoing work

We are going from a camel to a lion to a kid…

We are not snowflakes, we are not god’s children

We are god’s lab rats…and god failed his exams!!!

We are now fools to play god and save ourselves.

In the words of Larkin

Get out as soon as you can and have no kids yourself.

Or rusty’s idea of….