Let’s Talk Startups: How Rover.com is engineering a better world for people and dogs!

In case you are not a pet person or haven’t yet heard about this amazing website you are missing out. Rover.com connects dog parents with a nationwide network of dog lovers for hire, offering in-home dog boarding, dog sitting, and dog walking.

The company’s headquarter is situated in rainy Seattle. It was founded in 2011 by Greg Gottesman. It’s one of those startups that’s disrupting the industry. Rover.com has received 40M dollars in series E of funding in late 2016. In May 2018, Rover.com raised another $155 million funding.

The simplest way to describe rover.com is : They are Airbnb for dogs and Uber for dogs. They provide following services.

  • Dog(or Cat) Boarding : Overnight stay of your pet at pet sitter’s home. (similar to Airbnb for dogs)
  • Dog Walking: Have pet sitter pick up your dog for a walk. (Similar to Uber for dogs.)
  • Doggy Daycare: Leave your dog with a pet sitter during day.
  • House-sitting, Drop-ins: Have pet sitter stay with or check up on pets in their natural habitat.

Rover states there are 100,000+ sitters on the platform but hasn’t released exact numbers. Rover.com takes a percentage of each booking made on its site, from 15% for dog sitting/boarding services up to 40% for its Quick Match walking service from their pet sitters. All the pet sitters are background verified. One advantage of rover.com is that you can read the review of the pet sitter before assigning him/her your dog. It’s also convenient and affordable.

There are about 200 employees working currently from engineering, operations,marketing, etc. I came to know about rover.com through tech fair in Seattle. I got a chance to interact with the recruiter and software developer Rachel Tobin. I think there will be interesting challenges that software developers and data scientists would be tackling right now. I am curious to know about their Machine Learning and Data Science teams and the projects they are working on ranging from customer support and vet consultation, mobile apps, photo sharing, videos of stay highlights on daily bases.