An Open Letter to my Mystery Girl

My love, my scorpion, my moon, my mystery girl…

I really don’t know where to start from. Let’s just start by saying “I miss you” and I really do.

You can name it ego or self respect or my stupidity, we stopped talking. But trust me if for you I’m only someone you know who is decent and a gentleman and a good friend for you, trust me I’m not. I’m nothing if you’re not there with me.

I still kiss your picture everyday before starting my day. I still smile remembering my time with you. I still feel your hand in my hand. I still want to tell you how beautiful you are and I still want to kiss your forehead. I want to hug you. Kiss you in person. Be mine. Come back.

You said to me you don’t know how to help me, you can actually… be mine. I have spent half of my life loving you suddenly you out of my routine is a slow poison for me.

I miss you with every breath. I need you. Talk to me. I don’t want to remain your friend and I can’t label the same. Name it my ego or something else. It’s nothing but the truth is I’m someone who loves you more than anything else. And you know it.

You may not be missing me, you may be not even thinking about me. Nothing must have changed in your life. I know I’m absolutely not important in your life. Or I may be a smallest piece of your big life but of my smallest life you are the biggest part.

I don’t have courage to message you and drop a ‘Hi’ I’m afraid. You may not send me a message but through this medium I want to convey you…

“I loved you and I will always love you for rest of my life”… and I’m sorry.

Yours only,