No right is of any use unless we are able to avail it. The deprived sections of the society cannot get education for their children not only because it is not easily available but also because they do not understand it’s value

It is these two reasons that poor people are not able to give their children the education which is a child’s birthright. These days, the schools are there but they do not attract the children of the poorest. If there are private schools, they need a lot of money. …

A retired Kendriya Vidyalaya principal Shri. Thakur (my maternal grandfather) lives in our hometown in Benipatti, Bihar. He along with my maternal grandmother came to our home in Guwahati on 13 th of March, by the way we recently shifted to Guwahati from Delhi so we invited them to explore Assam along with us. They came via train, we escorted them to our house. The next day, we visited the Kamakhya Temple and other local places, but then the coronavirus cases started to rise so we dropped all the travelling plans. Few days went like this, we all were enjoying…

Arya Bhardwaj

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