A Satire of Errors: Episode 2

Just the essentials.

I am going on a super budget backpacking trip to Sri Lanka. The end goal here was to travel with a group of people, hippie/bare necessity style, awakening the explorer in me.

This means I have to start packing my bags, been lingering on that idea since a long time. I wonder how many dresses and shoes can I realistically fit in my rucksack for the holiday to still qualify as a backpacking trip. Maybe just (Just?) one outfit per day, along with four party dresses (because what if I meet a guy who wants to take me out on a date/dates?) and two swimsuits (for one beach day in a super packed itinerary, what if one of them is not flattering enough, gotta carry two). I’ll have a very strict budget on footwear. I’ll carry a pair of shoes (for walking/running) and I might just get that run on the beach, early in the morning (how hopeful). Apart from that I’ll carry one dressy shoe, one pair of sneakers and another casual pair of bellies (for the casual date, before the formal date). Oh and a pair of flip flops. I think this is enough because I’m backpacking across a foreign (if we agree to call Sri Lanka foreign) country and don’t want to be carrying a lot of weight around, especially since I still carry my very own winter weight of a belly already.