A Satire of Errors: Episode 1

This joke on you is on me.

I am a single (and very hopeful) girl trying to figure out what to do with my life while I’m stuck in a corporate job that I don’t really relate to (who are all these people who say they love their work? Unless, you work as a chocolate taster or a hotel experience reviewer, I don’t really understand why would you lie about something that’s not even gonna matter to your boss?). I hate my job and my boss but I stay put for the learning experience (balls). That’s not true, I stick around for the money and the free food (did I mention we have unlimited jars of Nutella in our pantry). And on vacation days, I travel — far and wide (well not really, mostly to places around Delhi, the usual — Manali, Kasol, Dharamshala, Jaisalmer, but I would like to think of it as glamorous, so indulge me). I fall in love easily (too easily, if you ask me) and it usually never ends well. My definitions of love include full blown crushes (if our eyes met for two whole seconds, he is definitely in love with me too), one-sided romances (I am texting you a lot, maybe even borderline stalking, but only coz I love you) and then there are the eternal love stories (we met today for the first time, laughed all day, I think you and I are soulmates, two kids and a dog with a house in the mountains sound good?). I get bored very easily, I constantly crave theatrics. If your day doesn’t have any drama is your life even worth living?