Morning Beauty

He said, “How can someone not like waking up every morning? It’s a new day, it’s the best part of the day.”
These passing lines made me think about the sunrise, the crisp cool air, the chirping birds and everything else I miss when I’m busy frowning and snoozing my alarm. I was appalled- I woke up every morning wishing I had more sleep even two minutes would do. I woke up not with a smile or the zest to seize the day but I woke up cranky. I’ve always said, “I’m cranky when I wake up from my sleep and I’m cranky when I’m hungry”. The latter is justified but the former doesn’t make sense to me any more.

Unknowingly, I challenged myself to wake up as soon as the alarm rang and wake up feeling good about starting the day. This wasn’t one of those Facebook or Instagram challenges, well I didn’t even know what it was till I started doing it.

My thoughts were simple, wake up, drink tea and just slow down. But instead, this is what happened to me:


I woke up and as I was strolling around the house admiring how pretty the sunlight through the trees looked I realised that I started planning my day. Making a mental note of the things that needed to be done and all this not in a hurry but in a relaxed and rather calm manner. Before leaving for work I had a list of things that needed my attention during the day and this made me feel mentally more organised and more in control of the day. My mornings made me more productive.


I don’t mean sitting crossed legged with your eyes shut and chanting Om. But I mean taking time to soak in everything happening around you, the light filling up your room to the sounds of the city waking up. There’s something about slowing down, and stopping to feel alive. It stirs my soul and focuses my mind in a way I never thought possible.

Positive and grateful

Each new day breathes in positivity, which most of us are too busy to notice. We forget that it’s a new day and things were not as they were the previous day. We forget that we have life in us and each of us is made up of something fabulous. We forget to be grateful to the universe and to ourselves.

Me time

This is possibly my favourite. A mixture of everything mentioned above. I either use this time to read a book, write down my thoughts or do absolutely nothing and look at the dogs on my street being ridiculously cute.

I’m now determined to reclaim my mornings; they’ve slowly crept into being my favourite part of the day. A new day truly is the best gift we get, and I’d rather spend my time celebrating it than dismissing it.

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Originally published at on November 26, 2014.

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