Everyone is speculating about #XRP ( #Ripple ) price nowadays. What happened until now is that Ripple company launched #xRapid at the beginning of October 2018, which allows #financial institutions and #banks to use xrp for transactions in the same place with individuals after being on two separate places. The main application for xrp is that it can replace #SWIFT network as it conducts transactions in 4 seconds (they are trying to improve it to be 1 second) in contrast to SWIFT which conducts transaction in 3 days. Another benefit of xrp is that it saves 70% of transaction fees in comparison to SWIFT. If it completely replaces SWIFT market which is 24 trillion USD, and taking into consideration that xrp in #circulation are around 45 billion, then the speculated price of xrp would be 589 #USD(currently it is around 0.42 to 0.5 USD). And if it later adds the #derivative market which is around 532 trillion, xrp speculated #price would be 11800 USD. Would like to know what you think about price change would it 👍or 👎?