Prioritization is hard. Getting multiple people to prioritize together is harder. Simple tools allows people to work closer together. Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash

A simple framework to prioritize user research insights

Prioritization is hard

There are many frameworks out there

The Need for a Simple Framework

Using Airtable and W3.js to create an efficient, repeatable web prototype for

Hi you’ll!

Become a contributor. Tell your story. Help someone else make newer mistakes.

What is Letters to a young designer about?

What are we looking for?

Feeling inspired?

And 6 steps to set your own

1. Set an overreaching design philosophy

He is the expert. He knows his world better than I do. I am just a guest. Be humble and absorb his whole being.

Mindset is how I refer to the collection of attitudes and biases that influence the way you see, interpret, and act in a situation. — Dan Brown

Why do we conduct user research? To empathize with our users

An affinity diagram. Image source:

Adding the qualitative to the quantitative

What is an affinity diagram

When do designers use one

Is that supposed to be a funnel? Well, at least it’s not a Powerpoint chart.

How we adopted the buying funnel as a user experience tool, and what happened thus.

What is a Buying Funnel?

Most important advice: Continue seeking feedback. It is the one skill that is hardest to learn.

Advice for UX designers starting out and looking for their first (half)gigs.

I do…

Aalap Doshi

Human Centered Designer at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor, MI.

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