The story of torture of Africans

They torture Africans and put them in the ship’s room, which smells like old charisma and tortures Africans and hurls them from the ship except the sea to drown them. They beat them severely. The sick people killed someone in a killing or thrown them from the ship except the sea. They put the Africans in the ship’s room, They will be tempted from this bad spirit, and when they get sick, they will kill them or kill them from the dead.And they have in their hands Kerbaj to embarrass the Africans and kill them and tie them in the tracks in order to beat them good and loot them from the ship can not swim and save themselves.And do not wear them clothes Sawa thing for white who wear it and this increases their pain and cold They wear the most luxurious clothes and feel in the cold or anything that wear pants and the sweater and jacket and the knife and put knives on their waist and hold the .The Africans sit in the ship’s

room above each other.This room smells foul, who put the Africans are at the bottom of the ship in the basement is not large and does not accommodate the number of Africans and sitting on top of each other.And torture their women and children and put them in the room of the ship with a foul smell.And their women do not wear any clothes and put them all men, children and women in one room only and torture them with some.The ship is large and the Africans are all women, men and children, all of whom put them in one room at the bottom of the ship. They sit in comfortable rooms without unpleasant smells.They would tie them in the tracks of their man so that they could not stand

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