The Social Dynamics of Post-Lockdown Life: A Webcomic

Alexandra P. Alberda
4 min readAug 11, 2020


by Yazan Abbas, Alexandra P. Alberda, and Anna Feigenbaum

In this webcomic, we present three open-ended situations faced by the anxious citizen, who may already feel quite familiar, as they navigate decision-making in daily life post-lockdown. You as the reader are invited to contemplate your own circumstances and choices and how they complicate each of these scenarios.

This webcomic is intended to spark thoughtful and empathetic conversation while exploring the complexities of decision-making during our new and ever-changing post-lockdown lives.

Thank you so much for reading! This webcomic was a collaborative project inspired by Yazan Abbas’s concept and Anna Feigenbaum and Alexandra P. Alberda’s COVID-19 comics and graphic design work.

Get in touch with Yazan at Yazan is an independent researcher and M. Res at the University of Bristol and Bournemouth University, respectively. Or, Alex at Alex is a PhD candidate in Graphic Medicine and research illustrator. Or, Anna at Anna is an Associate Professor in digital storytelling and co-author of The Data Storytelling Workbook (Routledge 2020).


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Alexandra P. Alberda

Research Illustrator, PhD candidate in Graphic Medicine and public engagement, Research Assistant for Civic Media Hub. Twitter: @ZandraAlberda