How To Live A Simple Life In 2022

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What Is Simplicity?

We all have some sort of goal in our life. Many of us dream of luxurious montages, mansions, and cars. While some of us just desire a quiet, decent, and uncomplicated life.

As we all know man has revolutionized his lifestyle from mud houses to large buildings. He has also evolved his life from village to city. But men of all ages are in search of a simple life.

The definition of simplicity can differ from one to another person. But the base of simplicity is; cutting down all the extra chores and choices. A simple life does not demand from you that you must shut down all the relations, plans, and your job.

We all human beings live in a community, and we need others in our many life events. So, simple life basically does not demand from you to cut down all life business and move to woods.

It also doesn’t force you to live in a cottage or house made of stones and mud.

So, what simple life demands from us?

Let’s dig deep into this!

First thing first, is it possible to live a simple life in 2022? Well, yes! It can be.

How To Live A Simple Life In 2022?

It doesn’t matter what era or century you are living in. How you are living is all that matters. Basically, it is your own choice that decides whether your life will be simple or complex.

Follow 3 RULES by which you can make your living healthier and simpler.

Pic And Quit Rule:

“Choose Things, Before Things Choose You”.

We all spend our lives on our own principles. And it is very hard to compensate for your rules. But the pic and the quiet rule is initiative — if you are interested in living a simpler life and healthier life.

Life becomes a thousand times easier when we know what to choose and what to skip. keep things you need on a daily basis and let go of the things you hardly use in a month.

Make a list of the things you hardly use in a month. Then exclude yourself from these materials. One thing in one month. You will see drastic changes in your living.

And one more thing, when you throw away just one thing at a time, your mind actually doesn’t notice it and it will not create much trouble. And it will not produce the hormone of fear of losing things.

Materialist and Minimalist Rule:

Less Is More”

Can you be A and B at the same time? Surely your answer is NO! Likewise, you cannot be worldly and moderate at the same time.

First, you have to make a choice between the two.

You switch to this article because you choose the latter one. Enjoying luxuries doesn’t take away you from cultural values or spiritual goals. Relying on them does.

This is the basic difference between materialist and minimalist. It’s a basic rule between what we need and what we want. We can enjoy the serenity, even in this modern century.

For example, you need a smartphone, because you are a freelancer. And it is your job. But after your working time, you can silence the phone or mute the notifications and can enjoy your me-time. Rather than surfing the internet.

See, you can enjoy your life while keeping luxuries.

Watch Less And Observe More Rule:

All You Need Is To Observe, Not To Look

Our body cannot take junk food all the time. Why? Because our digestion system is not programmed in this way! What do we do to keep our bodies healthy? We keep fast, dehydrate our gut track, and keep adding good and healthy food to our diets.

Similarly, our brain cannot process junk and irrational discussions, gatherings, and gossip all the time. The same goes with this. The brain is not coded in this way.

The point is, give yourself a break. Or perks of me-time. Meditation, yoga, watching a good movie, a healthy debate, or reading any book.

All the above things can be a daily routine or a habit. Don’t consider watching a movie as me-time. The one thing you have to consider in your me-time is just one practice.

The practice of doing nothing.

It might seem ridiculous, but it is straightforward. Observe nature, and appreciate your surroundings. When you show a posture of gratitude and admire your living, your body, and your surroundings. Ultimately, your brain starts to admire the things you already hold. Gradually, your brain understands and makes a visible boundary between what you need and what you want.

All above 3 RULES are connected with each other from bottom to top. When you observe more and watch less, your brain ultimately creates a boundary between worldly and moderate life. And this vision finally makes it easy between what to quit and what to pick.




An Avid Reader Who Aims To Soothes Humans Through Her Words

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An Avid Reader Who Aims To Soothes Humans Through Her Words

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