A whirlwind of a life!

Born in India but raised in Saudi Arabia

Given an opportunity to live in America,

Moved here in 2nd grade,

I have danced since age 3 and now I teach it.

I love working with people and teaching people about things I am interested in.

I gained a sister at age 9 but lost another at age 11.

I am very involved in my church. I teach preschoolers here in prospect.

I can speak and read Korean and am now learning Japanese but I am bad at Spanish.

I am an extrovert. I love talking to people.

I own 4 cats but they are all in India.

I like to doodle and like drawing in things (my arm)

I want to have a job where I can go out and help people who are in need of help. Also another goal is to move to s. Korea and teach English there.

One song that has really affected my life was Fantastic Baby. This song was my first Korean music I listened and after I completely immersed my self in the culture and language.

At 9:00 pm, I am proably having dance practice or catching up on my dramas.

Three groups of people that inspire me are my friends in church, family back in India, and my parents. Everyone of them has been in my life at a early age and has made some impact in my life. My parents helped me overcome hard times. My cousins and aunts gave me the courage to keep fighting and speak my mind! My friends had given me strength to smile and laugh at the most painful times in my life.

My one big dream that I want to accomplish before I die is to travel to diffrent to countries and help people that are underprivileged and help them get back on their feet through missionary work or through my job.

The words choose were opportunity, freedom, and equality. Looking back at my life in Saudi Arabia, I would have never expected to be at a place that I am now. My mom being a nurse had taken a test to come to America for her work and she was able to take my dad and my younger sister. After we moved there, there was a lot more freedom from what I had been to exposed to at age 5. I could be As loud as I wanted and my mom didn’t have to wear a burka anymore and I could freely walk around outside without being scared. Lastly, I choose the equality. I felt more comfortable and was able to fit into school with out worrying what background I came from or who my parents were.

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