Do You Own these 5 Timeless Fashion Bags?

Fashion is fickle; style isn’t as they say style is for perpetuity. Likewise, some fashion bags are out there that you’ll find synonymous with timelessness. Not your spouse or boyfriend, but it’s your handbag that serves you better. After all, it carries your keys, makeup essentials, iPad, phone, etc. stylishly. Isn’t, it?

Let’s talk it out; every girl/woman needs a designer bag to add to her élan, but on one condition — affordability. No girl would like to break her bank so as to make a fashion statement, would you? That’s why;here is a list of 5 timeless fashion bags to let you be bag-iconic in budget. Scroll down, check it out……

The Hobo- Queen of Shoulder Bags

Hobo- Queen of Shoulder Bags for Women

From a blind dinner date to those never-ending rushes to the market, take it out anywhere with you! Yes, this slouchy, crescent shaped, and aesthetically pleasing purse can be used anywhere. You’ll find it in a bit oversize design with so many style choices. The roomy compartment lets you toss in as many essentials as you can. Resort to an online shopping site to get yourself different types of hobo bags.

Clutch Purses- Life of your Party Look

Women Clutch Purses

Wanna rock the party look with perfection? Clutches are the perfect arm-candies to invest in. Exquisite, trendy and strapless, a clutch purse is your evening outfit’s best friend. One thing that you would not like about them is confined space. You can only carry your ID, cash, keys and lipstick in this type of bag. But wait, it’s worth the sophistication; after all, you’re going to a party not shopping hopping, right? There is a coveted clutch for every girl, most popular being black and silver clutch bags.

Sling or Cross Body Bags- Comfort with Utility

Sling or Cross Body Bags For Women

Cute, chic, practical and comfortable, that’s what sling or cross body bags are meant for. They let you keep your hands free while you’re busy in your other tasks. You can carry this teensy little rescuer from big bags without hurting your shoulders. A cross body bag features a long strap that allows you sling it across your body. You can take your pick from classic leather to chic patent and stunning printed sling bags for women.

Tote Bags- Shopper’s Bag

Tote Bags- Shopper’s Bag

Popular among women or girls on-the-go, a tote handbag is one of the 5 timeless fashion bags. When you need a mega purse solution, this is the perfect accessory to own. With spacious compartments, you’ll find in it a lot of space for your belongings. Adjust the straps as per your requirement and rock the chic look. A leather tote bag would surely be your classic possession ladies!

Shoulder Bags- Swag it Out

Women Shoulder Bags

A shoulder bag is great to have as you can make a perfect statement with it. In today’s fashion world, this handbag is the most popular one a woman carries around. It usually has a single or double strap that you’ll find long enough to carry over your shoulder. Choose whatever shape, size or material you would like to match your outfit. There is no dearth of variations and varieties!

So ladies, go out with any of the suggested handbags that amplify your grace. Share your experience of having these timeless fashion handbags in the comment section below.

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