Sex During That Time of the Month

A recent survey found that when it’s “that time of the month” it was women who were more likely to close up shop than men. According to the survey, more than 3/4 of the men polled, said that they do not mind period sex. But 54 percent admitted that they would only do it with their wife or with a serious girlfriend.

As India’s best condom brand, it is Manforce’s job to help you persuade her to make love during her period. Even doctors say that making love when she’s on her period reduces the cramps that she might be feeling. Many doctors also say that because of a rise of estrogen in her body, she will be more sensitive than usual, this can lead to some of the best love making in her life.

While the physical might be great, keep in mind that you tell her she’s as beautiful during her menstruation period as she is other times. Making her comfortable is key. Our society teaches us from a young age that period is “dirty”, and you have to convince her otherwise.

Despite your best efforts, if your partner is not convinced, here are a few things you can do apart from making love. Trust India’s best condom brand when we say that you need to up your game to keep things exciting until her playgrounds no longer muddy!

Below Me

You want a win-win situation? Then this is it. Many women go fell guilty for turning down lovemaking during their period. That is why your partner will not mind paying their man’s “lil major” a visit. Despite her misgivings other times, when she’s going through her period, she might actually enjoy it trying to make it up to you. Having said that, do not force her if she doesn’t want to.

A great way to convince her is to try out multitude of flavoured condoms. From the sensual chocolate to the exotic pineapple flavoured condom, all our products are easily available in our online condom store.

The Sensual Games

This is the perfect time to start playing some fun and sexual games! A great game that you can play is the “Prisoner” where you tie her up and slowly have your way with her. You can also give her a sensual massage. Alternately play with her back and chest with your hands and mouth. Rub yourself with her breasts, fondle them, and kiss them. You can also use an ice cube to play with her nipples till she’s moaning your name.

You do not have to reach climax, but if you want to, rip open a packet of chocolate flavoured condom or the fun strawberry flavoured condom, which are easily available in our online condom store.

Nothing Wrong With Fantasizing

Talk to your partner about your fantasies. You might be surprised by just how horny you and your partner get. You could also jump into a fantasy, albeit with your clothes on. The two of you can mimic everything you guys fantasize about. Be sure to play with her body and constantly grind your erection against her.

Back Door Man

Many women are not comfortable with the idea of anal sex, but that doesn’t mean you should never bring it up with your partner. You never know, she might just be game for it! It can be a great way to solve your uncontrollable need to be inside her when she’s in her period. But be warned adventurer, you need to make sure that her “tunnel” is well lubricated and that you’re also wearing a Manforce condom.

One more thing. Before you start make sure that you place a dark towel underneath her.

Shower Sex

Okay. You got us.

Yes we said you don’t need to have sex, but the thing is after all the hot foreplay, the two of you might just get right into it and then she might be dissuaded to try it the next time.

So, the solution is shower sex! It’s hot and fun and also very clean. She might actually enjoy it a lot.

Keep in mind, gents, that her menstruation doesn’t mean that your lovemaking has to stop. If you can convince her that you find her just as gorgeous as ever, your relationship, not just your sex life, will become better.

Keep in mind that when a lady is bleeding, the chances of contacting STD’s and AIDS in particular, increases immensely. That is why you should wear a Manforce condom. For your safety and convenience, they’re available in our online condom store.

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