Deep Immersion®

Do you have a personal or business need to learn fast and learn more? You can! U.S. armed forces used the Deep Immersion® learning method to teach spoken Arabic to service personnel in ten days. You can apply Deep Immersion® techniques to accelerate leaning for greater success in your personal, professional and family life. If you own or manage a business, Deep Immersion® can accelerate the training process for your employees. If your profession is teaching or training, Deep Immersion® can bring your students to new heights of achievement.

To learn more about Deep Immersion®, tweet me, @allenrowe. We can see how Deep Immersion® can best serve you.

Meanwhile, take a look at a Deep Immersion® testimony from the original Deep Immersion® pilot test, the Pre-Deployment Survival Arabic Project:

Deep Immersion® Testimony

Originally published at A. Allen Rowe, Ph.D..