Those of us who have walked several paths in our lives know those stay-at-home roles require as much diligence, focus, and hard work as anything pursued outside the home.
10 -Women’s Diverse Roles: Small Town GA
Donna Anglin Moraco

Donna has nailed it again here! Right on. Indeed to be a good stay-at-home parent and home maker does require just as much, if not more, diligence and hard work as the majority of jobs outside the home. To do it really well requires just as much intelligence and constant heads-up performance as any job. But when it comes to impact on society, no job comes anywhere close. So right on, Donna. And yes, I may be biased for two reasons. First, Donna has been a great friend and professional colleague for years. Second, I have spent lots of time as “Mr. Mom” for my children. So make sure and respect also those guys that are being the stay home pillar of the family. We often don’t get much respect. Some folks just think, “Well, there’s a poor schmuck who can’t even get or hold down a real job.”

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