Eve of Everything

The Eve of Everything Now

© 2015, A. Allen Rowe, Ph.D.
 For Steve M, Anton, Brenden, Bart and all those who make a difference. Thank you.

On this last day we unfurl wings
 of mind, memory, and imagination,
 mythical concatenation creatures
 of all that soars, darts, flutters,
 visits flowers and great heights.

We soar the path untaken,
 transformed forever,
 in an instant,
 forever changed,
 and changing everything,

And “ages and ages hence”
 we will know,
 though the world forget,
 that we did indeed
 make all the difference,
 that we did not “go gentle.”
 We changed it all.

You and I,
 and you and she,
 and he and I,
 us, more and more of us,
 an exponential wave
 rising, pulsing, welling up
 through space and time,
 oscillating in the divine,
 melodic frequency
 of creation,
 beyond the span of lives
 until creation is no more
 and time is no more
 and forever is no more out there
 but right here, right now, forever.
 And we did it!
 She and he,
 you and I!
 Myriad links expanding
 In a sphere of every color.
 And we did it!
 You and I,
 on this last day, we did it!
 Or should we just go get drunk?
 How about it?

Originally published at A. Allen Rowe, Ph.D..