Own the White House

Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
 your old men will dream dreams,
 your young men will see visions.
 (Joel 2:28, New International Version)

Last night, I dreamed I was at some sort of gathering. It was outside. I could see an open grassy area and some trees. It felt rural. I was interacting with some serious adults. It seemed like a political event. I wanted to get Leif Babin and Jocko Willink on the ballot. Someone took me seriously and set off to see whether it would be Leif and Jocko or Jocko and Leif.

I do not often recall dreams this clearly. I can’t remember ever dreaming about politics. I guess the news coming in from the primaries and the debates is really impacting my psyche. At the same time the Extreme Ownership “Lead to win” dictum has been resonating pretty powerfully within me over the past couple of months. So these factors seem to have meshed in my dream.

What would it take for the Leif/Jocko or Jocko/Leif ticket to become reality at this point? I’m not sure, but probably a miracle. Never before have we been in greater need of persons of proven integrity to lead us as a nation and people. I have doubts about all the other folks campaigning, but Leif and Jocko would for sure have my vote. Whatever happens, I hope our new leaders will own up, lean in, and lead to win.

Originally published at A. Allen Rowe, Ph.D..