“Just The Way Things Are”
Steve Moraco

Great piece!
Grate peace!
Grate some for you!
Grate some for me!
Please grate some
for us all.
For in the short term,
we’re in for the long haul.

Having offered a Delphic response, pray let me share another: You are totally, absolutely and unquestionably right:

“The world can change overnight. It has before. It will again.”

I think that change will be sooner rather than later. So to that end let me share some passages from DM’s I sent to @EmiliejayG at the end of March.

“Like Aristotle and other thinkers laid the foundations for computer systems, I think Diderot and the “encyclopedistes” laid the foundations for the political systems that replaced the older forms of government destroyed in the revolutions.”

“I see @tferriss as the new Diderot and the Titans as the new encyclopedistes. It is as though some dialectic force provides the philosophical foundations on which new orders of things will be built as the older orders are destroyed. Thus, in retrospect we can see the Encyclopedia movement as a harbinger of the revolutions to come.”

“ I am not generally an alarmist, but this realization makes me believe we are in for huge changes in the political system. Duh!!! you might say. But I’ve seen so many predictions of the end of things as we know them come and go that I just don’t get caught up in the predictions of catastrophe. After all, I woke up on 01/01/2000 and couldn’t see much difference.”

“ But this article changed my perspective: “And Fear No Darkness” by @jgreenhall:

“And here’s the closing paragraph of Jordan Greenhall’s piece: “As absurd and improbable as it might sound, for any of us to survive, we must find a way out of history. Not just the fifty thousand year history of civilization. We must find a way to escape the logic of our genes and find a way out of the billion year history of evolution itself. Soon, very soon if I read my indicators right, a critical mass of people are going to have to come together and help us all level up.” So might @tferriss and his new encycopedists represented in The Tools of Titans be able to generate that critical mass that helps us all level up?”

So those are some of the tweets sent to @EmiliejayG two months ago, March 28. Serendipitous or random occurrence? I like to think the former but am apt as anyone to be “Fooled by Randomness.” (Thank you Nassim Taleb). Whatever the case, Steve, it is up to us to change business as usual, to level up. Not sure I’m up to that challenge today, but you’ve at least pointed me in that direction. Thank you.

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