The Brexit Doughnut

In 1931 Adolph Levitt’s Doughnut Corporation of America opened the first Mayflower Coffee Shop in Times Square. Some eighteen years later, The Mayflower Coffee Shop in Dallas was my absolute favorite place downtown. The Mayflower was at 1701 Live Oak Street at Ervay, just across from the Medical Arts Building. I loved to go to appointments with Dr. Shaeffer, our family physician, even if it involved a shot. Why? Afterwards, Mother and I would cross over to doughnut heaven!

Ervay, Live Oak, and Elm: Just Another Wednesday Night — 1953 by Paula Bosse,
Ervay, Live Oak, and Elm: Just Another Wednesday Night — 1953
by Paula Bosse, Entrance to Mayflower Coffee Shop below the Maxwell House sign.

In the Mayflower I first found what now seems to me the answer to the Brexit storm. A huge illustrated mural above the doughnut counter proclaimed The Optimist’s Creed:

As you ramble on through life, brother,
 whatever be your goal,
 keep your eye upon the doughnut
 and not upon the hole.

Cover, Mayflower Coffee Shop menu
Cover, Mayflower Coffee Shop menu

In other words, as Jocko Willink would likely say about Brexit: Good!

Jocko Willink
Jocko Willink from profile

The fearful will take cover. The brave, smart, and energetic will find opportunity. May you and I be among the latter!

Originally published at A. Allen Rowe, Ph.D..