Wisdom Day 22, June 2016: Duck & Cover

A prudent person sees trouble coming and ducks;
 a simpleton walks in blindly and is clobbered. (The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 22, Verse 3, The Message, BibleGateway.com)

Another Jockonian dichotomy of combat, whether military, domestic, or entrepreneurial: When to take cover and when to charge? Another Proverb suggests the answer:

You grab a mad dog by the ears
 when you butt into a quarrel that’s none of your business. (The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 26, Verse 17, The Message, BibleGateway.com)

Some fights on the battle fields of life, business, and home only detract from my immediate objective. May I avoid any dust ups that divert me from my primary mission today and every day. BTW Kelly Ryan Dolan’s audio recording of these chapters on BibleGateway.com is a real attention grabber.

For wisdom in knowing the main mission, here are some references that may help:

Originally published at A. Allen Rowe, Ph.D..