During the last two weeks I’ve had quite a lot of interactions with different companies — common for all of them, I’m paying for their product, or I had been willing to pay if they could offer me the product I wanted.

These interactions and experiences got me thinking about the product, the experience and the customer service I received, and the interconnection.

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Organic Basics

I never thought that purchasing underwear and socks online would impress me.. but it did. These folks have a mission, a solid product of high quality, and a well thought out user journey / purchase flow.


Recently I got to photograph a very special thing. I got to follow my sister around on a normal workday — 36,000 feet above the ground!

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Cruising altitude | 70D, 10mm Fisheye lens, 1/13, F2.8, ISO 6400

The background story

My sister is a pilot. More accurately, a First Officer for a charter airline flying European destinations. Back when she was at the pilot academy I had my first experience flying with her. She had an upcoming lesson with an instructor one evening and I got to join for the flight. Since then she’s been with a couple of different airlines and has moved up in rank.


I was determined to capture the experience…

We’ve all faced the same situation. A presentation or pitch is due the following day and it’s now just a matter of vomiting content onto some horrendous PowerPoint template and getting the head straight and notes right. Shit.

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On top of this, we’re not all designers, not everyone has that eye for the aesthetically pleasing. Most of what it takes to make a deck stand out can be learned and practiced — but not in an hour. That’s why a lot of decks end up being extremely cluttered, text-heavy, far from legible and less than understandable.

Let’s go through a…

Several times I’ve caught a colleague printing out a contract, only to sign it and scan it. This made me realize that not a lot of people know the built in signature feature in Preview on a Mac.

Let’s all try and save some paper and optimise our workflows.

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What you need:

  • A Mac (running OS X Lion or a newer version).
  • A black pen.
  • A piece of white paper.
  • A PDF file (doesn’t matter which one).

How to:

  1. Write your signature on the paper.

Alexander Almegaard

Writing about product, photography, design, technology and privacy. Building digital products at Proper.

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