Republic Day celebration

I kept eyeing on the oversize drumbo alarm clock as it went off as I lay in my bed cuddling with my blanket. Last night I set the alarm one hour prior to my usual time. Still i woke up before it starting buzzing. Fully conscious and responsive. Well how can I not be, HUH?. Its 26th of January !

I pondered about how something not as real as material can be so concrete. Physical sans Density!. Yes i m blathering about feelings. “Excitement” if I have to be more precise. U see emotions have no physical existence exterior to our body. Yet i was rouse by it though is not palpable like my alarm.

The monotonous and repetitious sound of my alarm blurred in as i came out of my relentless ,bootless and esoteric thinking . It was 6.30 in the a.m. I hopped out of my bed after disarming the ALARM and sprinted for the bathroom. The water was freezing though.

It was a perfect cold Thursday morning. Sunless outside obviously. It’s 6.30!!. “The sun isn’t up yet but I’m! ” I giggled first to this thought and then i made a loud hurrah. I was screeching a few minutes later when i showered cold water over me. “ANYTHING FOR THIS DAY” I kept saying myself.

“Good-morning Beta.” Dad greeted me as I accommodated myself next to him by the breakfast table. He was in his best dress and his face glowed with enthusiasm as he drank his tea. So was mom. We converse about the new changes that will be implemented from that very first day, the long journey of freedom we walked together and how we lost our beloved Mahatma Gandhi two years ago.

The sun ascended by then. The cold, bright and white sunlight fabricated the neighborhood into a winsome ambiance. It scintillated my vicinage with aspiration, opportunity and liberation.

I scheduled every minute of this day with my best friend. The first step in our concoct algorithm was to reach the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan by 9.30 a.m. And so we did. We stood rejoicing amidst thousands of people belonging to different states , religion and culture. We witnessed Welly in unity. People raised slogans of “Gandhiji-ki-Jai” and “Vande Mataram”. We joined them in gusto. There was no cessation to the vehemence of jubilation. INFINITUDE.

Nobody was feeling cold though it was a cold day in Delhi. Neither did anybody got weary. We all congregate to witness the beginning of a nation- INDIA- “BHARAT” .

“Hey” shrieked my friend and continued ” this is the best day of our life.” ” It is” I replied cogently.

India was declared a Sovereign Democratic Republic exactly at eighteen minutes past ten before noon. Six minutes later, Dr. Rajendra Prasad sworn in as the President. The aura filled with fanfare of trumpets and blooming of guns. Installation of its first President were announced by a salute of 31 guns shortly after 10-30 am. Then the President took the oath of office and made a brief speech, he
“Today for the first time in our long and chequered history we find the whole of this vast land from Kashmir in the north to Cape Comorin in the South, from Kathiawad and Cutch in the west Coconada and Kamrup in the east, brought
together under the jurisdiction of one Constitution and one Union which takes over the responsibility for the welfare of more than 320
million men and women that inhabit it. Its administration will now be carried on by its people and for its people. This country has great natural resources, and now has come to it the great opportunity to make its vast population happy and prosperous and to make it own contribution to the establishment of peace in the world.”

We then started walking towards the Irwin Stadium , five mile afar from where we were, to celebrate the first Republic Day Ceremony including the ceremonial parade.

The thirty-five year old coach specially renovated for the occasion bearing the new emblem of Asoka’s capital and drawn by six sturdy Australian horses carried the President and drove out of Government House at a slow trot, escorted by the President’s bodyguard.

People were everywhere , every vantage point along the route from Government House to the Irwin Stadium. We climed the tree to see the President. I got a glimpse of our first President. He was wearing black achkan, white churidar and white Gandhi cap. The President responded to the greetings of the people with folded hands. The state drive ended exactly at 3-45 p.m. at Irwin Stadium

As we saunter towards the stadium, we begin wittering the significance of 26th Jan 1950 and the revamp this day escort. Then i enunciate “From now on we elect our own leader.”
” Yes, and therefore every single person has equal rights” he said and added with a relish voice ” Every single person is important!”

I kept rejoicing the fact that we are now actually free and also have our own constitution. We will elect the best among us to represent our country . One who can be our knight. The government will work for the well being of its citizen. Nothing can go wrong.

Entering the stadium we saw three thousand Officers and men of the three Armed Services of India and the Police with massed bands had taken positions for the Ceremonial Parade. BREATHTAKING military parades.Theappreciative crowd acknowledge with repeated cheers. Seven massed bands, representing the
Navy, the Army, the Air Force and the Police, provided music, the quality of which fitted with the general excellent pattern of the entire ceremony. We were wonder-struck with the firing of “feu-de-joie”, combined with the National Anthem , while at a little distance guns boomed a salute of the President.

In my mind I kept saying “HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY and I’M A PROUD INDIAN“

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